Case Study Retail

Emperor Cinema

We love going to the cinema in Hong Kong. Ranging from locally-produced, classically Hong Kong martial arts films like Ip Man, to critically-acclaimed Hollywood blockbusters like La La Land, there’s sure to be something to satisfy every moviegoer. Movies have long delighted crowds, bringing countless hours of enjoyment. We go to the movies to be entertained, to immerse ourselves in a story, to travel to other worlds entirely; we go to the movies, ultimately, to have fun. Yet, there are a few key issues that often diminish the experience, taking away from what should otherwise be an enjoyable experience.

Eliminating the Pain Points of Cinema

Credit card incentives and promotions constantly change, requiring manual intervention and longer customer wait times. This is where BBMSL and Golden Dynamic come in. Our goal is to create a seamless and hassle-free cinema experience by using available technology to eliminate long lines and the need for cash transactions. Join us in revolutionizing the cinema experience in Hong Kong.

Ticketing Made Simple

Tickets are available to be bought upon arrival at the ticket counter, as per usual, as well as at the self-serve kiosk; both of which are powered by Golden Dynamic and BBMSL Limited technology. The mPOS gateway that BBMSL provides can identify the card type and communicate with the ticketing system that can, in turn, automatically apply the relevant discount. At the self-serve kiosk, transactions only require a perfunctory eight seconds to complete. A marked improvement that will significantly reduce queue times, and ultimately better service.

Cinemas Experience

The next problem that BBMSL aims to tackle is the inefficiency of snack acquisition. A tall, refreshing coke and popcorn being requisite hallmarks of the moviegoing experience, it’s imperative that improvement be made in such a vital area, as well.