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The Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) industry has a long history of organizing all types of events in venues of different scales to promote specific subject matters, such as E3 in Las Vegas, IAA in Hannover and ChinaJoy in Shanghai. In these events, companies take the opportunity to promote their brand, products and image, even try to make a sale to fellow exhibitors or visitors. Due to the nature of crowdedness, promoting or selling services and products in these places is a tough task even for the most experienced exhibitor.

As with the events mentioned above, pop-up stores also face similar challenges as their locations may only allow for limited space, POS equipment and personnel. These restrictions require a solution that can process transactions rapidly, increase the visitor flow and improve operating efficiency without compromising the service quality, customer experience and customer satisfaction. To address these concerns, we have created the perfect solutions for these scenarios.


The efficiency, effectiveness and performance of our solutions have been proven in various events and pop-up stores. One of the examples is the AIA Carnival. For this event, our solution had to support more than 50 booths, handle a high flow of activities, process transactions rapidly, with the transaction completion time as fast as 3 to 8 seconds, and provide real-time transaction reports. The compact, all-in-one devices our solution offered supported payment options of WeChat Pay, Alipay, credit card and Octopus Card in one single device in addition to the stored-value cards of event companies. As an extra benefit, our solution offered comprehensive on-site tech support services.

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