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For the healthcare industry, the focus of our solutions is to address the business needs from both public and private medical facilities. As patients require different treatments, medicines, even operations during their visits, and the fee assessment criteria may differ from one hospital to another, long lines in front of the counter are the norm in most medical institutions. These issues have long plagued the front-line staff working in such environment. It is more than obvious that a solution capable of running complex fee assessment algorithm, processing transactions with speed and accuracy and handling data with security and privacy is of utmost urgency.


Under such undeniably difficult background, we managed to create solutions for those practice medicine in the healthcare industry, such as OT&P. OT&P is a group of internationally accredited medical clinics operating in different locations in Hong Kong that keep the people in Hong Kong healthy by providing world-class medical services. As such, patients come to seek for the best treatment possible for their illness, even hospitalization. To prevent patients from queuing up in front of the counter, they requested that we build a customized solution with the capability of mobile payment in order to eliminate their pain point of payment mobility. Through our solution, patients with mobility issues can provide their digital signature and pay in one single device without personally going around the place.

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