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For merchants in the retail industry, one of the top challenges is to rapidly process transactions in peak hours as demanded by tourists, shoppers, and buyers, whether online or offline, who look for a good bargain, have little time to spare, and expect the best shopping experience. More importantly, the payments from these transactions have to be processed with accuracy, precision, and speed without compromising the service quality, customer satisfaction, and their reviews and comments towards the merchants.

You can add value-added components to the original POS system, so you don’t need to abandon the original system and spend more time setup and learning.  Provide customers with diversified payment options, allowing consumers to make faster decisions about placing orders.


Swire Resources Limited, a group of outdoor clothing brand in Hong Kong, is a merchant who is able to save labor by removing the space needed for cashiers as customer can simply provide their digital signatures and pay on the mobile payment device. This not only frees up more space for more merchandises, also transforms their staff into mobile checkout points, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and bettering the customer service quality.

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