How We Can Help You Out?

BBMSL brings innovation, intelligence, excellent user experience together with leading payment technologies to help you reinvent your customer journey, marketing strategies and operation.

Consultation - F&B


BBMSL is working with more than a thousand restaurants in APAC. Whether you are a chain restaurant group, a fine dining restaurant, a casual café or a take-away store, nothing is out of our expert hands. With years of experience working with F&B customers, we understand your daily operational needs. Our goal is always to improve your restaurant dining experience as well as after service experience in order to win more repeat customers.


Nowadays, retailers need far more than a good deal to close a sales and keep repeat customers coming back. Attractive merchandising, online to offline strategy, a complete shopping experience and better understating your customers through data are vital to today’s retail business. BBMSL works with APAC’s top retailers to formulate their marketing strategy, improving their operation efficiency and providing big data and advanced analytic tools for their management.

Consultation - Retail
consultation-wechat and alipay

A one-stop payment solution to help every business.

We can support your business with a full range of payment methods. Not only support Visa and Mastercard, but we will also help merchants open Alipay, Alipay HK, WeChat Pay, WeChat Pay HK merchants account, we help you to connect up to 800 million consumers and shorten the transaction time. Apart from the payment collection solution, we provide marketing services inside the payment app to merchants to boost sales and seize the chance to enhance your business competitiveness. Apply now and discover the infinite possibilities of your business!

Application Procedures

1. Consultation
Understand the operation needs of the merchants and provide a suitable solution
- Provide quotation and rate merchants

2. Service Confirmation 
- Fill in the application form and provide supporting documents

3. Compliance Check 
- Require about 2-3 weeks for KYC Procedure
- If it is approved, merchants pay rental fee/ deposit

4. Application Success and Installation
- Create merchant account and receive the login details
- Arrange for deployment