The Solution

Self-served Kiosk

User-Friendly cash module gives you flexibility to accommodate various types of merchants in F&B industry, Event & POP-UP Store.

In an era where labor cost has become one of the major concerns merchants faced in their day to day operations, self-service is the concept brought forward to ease the burden on merchant’s shoulder. However, without considerations for service quality, customer satisfaction and customer service, the removal of cashiers is easier said than done. That’s why the industry has been demanding a solution which meets requirements, saves labor cost and provides better service without compromising any of the above-mentioned considerations.​​

As a service solution provider, we have long foreseen the need for such smart machine from the industry and invested in the research and development of our cash module. The cash module is a self-served kiosk which require the least human intervention, little maintenance and, the most importantly, no cashier or service personnel to be stationed on-site. It is also a proven device in Hong Kong as it was chosen and integrated with HK’s first cash recycle self-kiosk. Though compact in size, the user-friendly cash module has the flexibility to accommodate the needs from various types of merchants.

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