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Merchants Review

We know customers' needs. Our professional team will tailor-make an e-Payment solution for our merchant to solve their operation pain points, thus enhancing customer experience and increasing revenue.

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BBMSL e-payment solution is awesome. Their service is far more stable and faster than competitor’s one. The portable payment device allows us to provide ‘pay at the table’ service, which is convenient to staff and customers and provides a better dining experience!

Coffee Shop Owner – Jenny

E-payment is the coming trend in Hong Kong, installing BBPOS* credit card machine can cater to different customers’ payment habits and our revenue increased by 20%. I recommend BBPOS* E-payment Solution to all of you. (*BBPOS MSL was the former name of BBMSL)

Flower Bouquet Owner – Jennifer

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merchants review-restaurant

BBMSL E-payment Solution can integrate with our current POS system, no need to spend time on staff training. The mobile and handy device allows us to process transactions in front of the customers, where the credit card is always within their sight, offering a much better security and confidence to our customers.

Restaurant Manager – Juno

The real-time MSL Portal can give me quick and easy access to track and manage each branch transaction activity, this unique function is very useful for decision making, like planning roster and marketing activities. One device can support nearly all e-payment methods and only needs few seconds to complete transactions, which can improve customer satisfaction.

Grocery Store Owner – Fion

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