The Solution

Online Payment Gateway

Make the most of online payments. We can handle everything or customize the ideal solution, whatever your business size — from startups to large enterprises, to increase your conversion rates.

We bring everything that’s required to build websites and apps that accept payments (Visa, Mastercard, Alipay, AlipayHK, WeChat Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay etc.) and manage businesses online. You’ll be up and running quickly with our easy-to-use APIs so your teams don’t need to spend months for development.

Pick the format option that works best for your business
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    Self-develop Website/ App

  • 02

    Shopping Cart/ E-commerce Platform (Plug-in)

  • 03

    B2B/ B2C Payment (Trading/ Subscription/ Membership etc.)

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    Social Commerce (Facebook/Instagram/Livestream etc.)


Fast and easy checkout & management
Minimize the checkout steps to make shopping simple and lower the abandoned checkout rate. Merchant can track the payment status and have a complete view of their finances in our portal.

1-click Purchase to boost conversion rate
Customer checkout is fast and easy with ‘1-click Purchase’ like Apple Pay and Google Pay. No need to input any data, shoppers pay quickly, easily, and without any friction.


Keep payment info and business data safe
BBMSL online payment service certified PCI DSS compliant, the highest security standard in the payment industry, and supports 3D-Secure checkouts.

Recurring Payment – Make for subscription business
Make billing simple and get paid faster. Bill daily, weekly, monthly or annually in advance or in arrears, and set custom future start dates. Schedule recurring invoices. Save administration cost as there’s no to send or remind the same payment info month after month.


Payment Link – The fastest way to get paid online
Customize your payment details (amount, product name, payment deadline etc.), then copy and paste the link/ QR code into emails, text messages, or on social media. You can track and manage payment status through our portal.

payment link demo

Tokenization makes shopping secure and easier
Tokenization will enable the protection of sensitive data by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token to prevent credit card fraud. The token will store in customers’ devices, it can perform “one-click” checkouts without filling in card details.


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