BBHub is a comprehensive merchant eco-system platform tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs in Hong Kong. It provides a one-stop shop for merchant services beyond payment, including retail / F&B POS systems, business broadband services, Octopus service, and more. Our team offers tailored support and advice to help your business achieve success in a cost-effective manner.

One-Stop Support for SMEs

All-Inclusive POS System

IT Solutions

Business 5G Mobile Services

Octopus Payment Service

Digital Company Profile for KYC

E-Business Card

BOXS | All-Inclusive POS System

No matter what industry you are in, BOXS's all-around sales system can simplify your processes and meet your business needs. With various module options available, including booking engines, table management, membership systems, business insights, and e-commerce, BOXS is tailored to your workflow and business model. Whether you are a new business owner or looking to expand your blueprint, all the tools you need are at your fingertips!

HKBN Enterprise Solutions | IT.Simplified

HKBN Enterprise Solutions’ latest solutions – IT.Simplified, a one-stop-shop offering Transformation as a Service (TaaS) with valuable and flexible solutions such as Business Broadband, Wi-Fi or Network Security, etc. With minimum upfront investment to enjoy best-in-class technologies with our premium support and able to scale on demand. HKBNES offer 24x7 planning, deploying and managing your IT infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business growth.

Octopus Payment Service

As Hong Kong’s pinoeer electronic -payment service provider, providing your customers the convenience of fast, secure, digital and cashless payment using their Octopus cards to seize huge business opportunities. HKBNES as an Octopus retail acquirer, providing one-stop solutions for everything from equipment rental to day-to-day operational support. 

HKBN Enterprise Solutions | Business 5G Mobile Services

Our plug-and-play 5G Mobile Business Broadband Services require no installation or landlines. Relocation or network coverage is no longer an issue as the services are applicable for outdoor venue, industrial building, retail store, construction site, pop-up store, café, etc.

RD ezLink | Digital Company Profile for KYC

RD ezLink offers a convenient solution for SMEs to create and manage digital company profiles through a single mobile app. These profiles can be shared with banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of account opening and ongoing customer due diligence (CDD), eliminating the need for repeated manual form-filling by customers and processing by banks.

AlipayHK Brand Channels & Coupon Management

Brand Channels is a new marketing tool introduced by AlipayHK in 2022. BBMSL can help brands to create and manage Brand Channels, as well as coupon management. This tool allows merchants to accumulate fans, draw traffic, and conduct precise marketing, resulting in increased sales and brand exposure at a low cost. 

Sogar Cards | E-Business Card

A business card is an opportunity for collaboration, but physical cards can be easily lost and costly to update. An e-business card is a perfect solution, allowing for easy scanning and contact storage on the recipient's phone. With customizable pages, your company's information is readily accessible to interested parties. The back-end tracking and management function helps to keep track of potential leads and identify new business opportunities.

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