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What is SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises)?

  • New merchant (No credit card payments accepted in the past 6 months)
  • Open fewer than 10 shops
  • Employ fewer than 50 persons
  • Annual payment limit for credit cards is HKD 1.5 million for Visa, HKD 1.5 million for MasterCard, and the monthly limit for Visa is HKD 380K.
  • If the accumulated transaction amount exceeds the limit of VISA or MasterCard, merchant will not be able to enjoy the discount for SME program, and the transaction rate will also be adjusted.
  • Merchant applying for the SME Program will have a transaction amount limit, and the default limit is HKD 50K for each transaction.
  • If a single product exceeds the amount, merchant can apply to increase the amount (Approval by the Legal Department is needed)

How to apply payment service?

  • Please contact 5985 3848 by Whatsapp and follow the instructions, we will provide a quotation to you.

Order thermal paper

How to order thermal paper?

  • We will offer thermal paper rolls for free and use SF Express for delivery, COD. If merchant wants to order thermal paper rolls, please WhatsApp to 5985 3848 and send the message "I would like to order paper roll". Please follow the instructions and leave the information in the message box.

Account checking

What is the reason for receiving the BBMSL email notification about the bank's refusal to settle the payment?

  • BBMSL has settled to merchant’s bank account, but the bank account refused for some reasons so it failed to post to merchant. Merchant needs to check the account status with the bank, and notify BBMSL whether it needs to switch another bank account or the existing account has been back to normal.
  • HKD 150 handing fee will be charged for each bank rejection.

Why there is always HKD 1 difference every day?

  • HKD 1 is a bank charge. If you use BBMSL service on that day, the bank will charge a settlement fee of HKD 1, there are mentioned on the application form.
  • In addition, each Visa/MasterCard transaction amount less or equal than to HKD 100, HKD 1 service fee will be charged. (For more details, please check the email or application form)

How to check the settlement?

Technical support

How to pair up with Octopus Business App?

  • Please watch the following video and follow steps to pair up: 
  • It may not login the Octopus account due to system upgrade, please try to login again.
  • If still can’t login, please call the CS hotline at 3907-0308.
  • Octopus CS hotline: 2266-2222, office hour: 09:00 – 21:00

Does the payment machine support to use mobile Hotspot sharing data?

  • It does, the connection is same as Wi-Fi.

Why can’t use SIM Card data for the connection?

  • Please check the SIM Card is activated.
  • If use SIM Card mobile data, please disconnect the Wi-Fi network and open mobile data.

Why the payment machine is still show “Unable to connect the network, please try to connect later” when logging in even the machine is connected with Wi-Fi?

  • Check the connected network is stable and restricted, try to re-connect.
  • Public Wi-Fi network is not recommended.

Why can’t the payment machine connect / synchronize with POS system?

  • Check two devices is using a same network, IP address, login name and password, and try to re-connect two devices. You can also clear all opened app and try again.

Why the payment machine will turn to green screen after open?

  • If payment machine do not use a long time or upgrading,  it will turn to green screen for upgrading when connect to network, it will be normal after the upgrading.

How to solve if the payment machine show “Unknown Device”?

  • 1. Clear all opened Apps (including WisePay App), open WisePay app and login again.
  • 2. Reboot the payment machine and login again.
  • 3. If finish above steps but still not solve, please call the CS hotline at 3907-0308 to ask for device replacement.

How to set up to print two receipts for each transaction?

  • In WisePay App > Settings > Enter login password > Print merchant receipt > Activate
  • After the transaction is completed, it will have “Customer Copy” and “Merchant Copy” receipt when click “Print”.

Failure to use PayWave for Visa or Mastercard transaction, is the NFC sensing problem?

  • Check the card sensing place, it should be placed on “PayWave” logo with a distance about 1cm.
  • Make sure customer’s credit card support PayWave function.
  • Check the payment machine is not show “Tap/insert card to complete the transaction”. If not, please try to reboot or provide Serial Number to BBMSL for software upgrade.

Why the payment machine show “Device Tamper” and how to solve?

  • If “Device Tamper” show on the payment machine, it means the machine parts is worn out. “Device Tamper” will show on payment machine when it has been hit, water damaged, dropped from a high place, screwed open, on an overheated or overcooled environment.
  • In above cases, BBMSL will helps to change the payment machine. For manual human damage, the original price of the parts will be charged before the machine is replaced.

Why can’t the payment machine be fully charged?

  • Please make sure to use a DC charging cable and recommended using 5W2A plug for charging, and make sure the red light Is on when charging.
  • If problem can’t solve, please call the CS hotline at 3907-0308 to ask for battery replacement.

What should I do if printer is not working or can’t print?

  • Open the printer and check the thermal paper.
  • Check the thermal paper is put on the right place.
  • Check the Bluetooth is opened.
  • Check the roll and roller in the printer.
  • If roll and roller is missed, merchant needs to pay for repair, HKD 100 / set.

Why can’t login to WisePay App?

  • Please check the login name and password is correct, and check the payment machine is connected to network.
  • If forget the login or password, merchant can find in the registered email or search “<BBMSL> Username and Password for Wisepay” in registered email.

How to change the login name and password of WisePay App?

  • Login name can’t be changed. For password changing, merchant can go to “settings” for the changing. After the changing, merchant needs to logout and login again with new password.


How to settle the payment?

  • All transactions will be settled automatically, and the settlement time is 23:59 every night.

When will the completed transaction be posted? Can I have a monthly statement?

  • Check the “Settlement period” listed in the application form or ask the sales manager.
  • If “T+3” is written on the contract, the transaction will arrive to account after 3 working days by the transaction (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays are not included). If there is a long holiday that affects the settlement date, BBMSL will notify merchant by email.
  • Merchant can login to the “Merchant Reporting Portal” to inquire and download settlement report. Portal:, toturial:

How to withdraw the payment?

Is it work to send Alipay and WeChat QR Code to customer for remote payment?

  • No, all scanning payments need to fill the amount on the payment machine, and scan the QR code from the customer’s mobile payment app to complete the transaction.

Screen is keeps loading during the transaction and no response for a long time. Does that mean the transaction was fail?

  • Merchant can forcibly close the WisePay App and login again.
  • After that, merchant needs to go “Histories” to check the previous transaction and reprint the receipt to the customer.

Why is the transaction declined?

  • Merchant can send the "Response code" (set of 4 numbers) in the transaction rejection screen to CS for inquiry.

Why can’t the transaction amount exceed 50K?

  • All merchant of the SME Program will have a transaction amount limit 50K for each transaction, merchant can fill “Information Modification Form” to increase the limit, after approval by the Legal Department, it will have a confirmation result of the merchant's application.

Information modify / Service cancel

How to cancel the payment service?

How to update the bank account?

  • Download the "Information Modification Form", fill the Section 1 (Merchant Information) and 2D (Bank Information) and email to, with new bank document (e.g. Bank Settlement), we will inform merchant the procedure is complete after the legal department approved.

How to update merchant information?

How to update the company address?

Other Problems

How to do if found any suspicious transactions?

  • Whatsapp to 5985-3848, select "Suspicious Transaction Inquiry" and follow the instructions to submit the relevant information, CS staff will help to follow up.