Innovation & Disruption Leaders: Empowering SMEs in Hong Kong

Date: 20/11/2023
Author:BBMSL Payment Solution

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of every regional economy, and this is particularly evident in Hong Kong. According to data from the Hong Kong Trade and Economic Development Bureau, there are approximately 340,000 SMEs in Hong Kong, accounting for 98% of all businesses and 46% of the entire labor market. In the wave of digital transformation, electronic payments have become an indispensable part of every economic system. However, SMEs in the electronic payment industry in Hong Kong have been overlooked. Due to profit and cost issues, traditional banks tend to serve large chain enterprises. BBMSL has identified this market gap and become a bridge between electronic payments and SMEs, helping them succeed in the digital age.

BBMSL is honored to be selected as one of the "Innovation & Disruption Leaders" by "Global Thought Leaders," recognizing BBMSL's contributions to the fintech industry in Hong Kong and achieving the concept of "Tomorrow's Ideas revolutionizing the world of tomorrow" advocated by Global Thought Leaders. This award has also been reported by CBS News in the United States and turned into a documentary, demonstrating its importance and international recognition. We also invited one of our merchants, Chung Wah Noodle Factory, for an interview to share how BBMSL has assisted them in their digital transformation, including providing aggregated electronic payment services, sales systems, and e-commerce websites, greatly simplifying their operational processes and enabling their business to embark on the O2O path successfully.


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➤ Full documentary: BBMSL: Empowering SMEs in Hong Kong

BBMSL has now helped over 13,000 merchants succeed in the digital age. In addition to providing core online/offline one-stop payment services, we have also formed strategic alliances with various fintech partners to provide the BBHub merchant service ecosystem, including commercial broadband, sales systems, and merchant financing. The aim is to address the pain points SMEs face, alleviate their operational pressures, and help them better respond to the challenges of digital transformation, achieving win-win outcomes!